Introducing B.B.R.

What's B.B.R.?

B.B.R. - acronym of "Boys, Be Rakish!" - is the most famous active amateur rock band in the San-in area, Japan.

The band started with four rakish medical students in 1987. They have released three cassette tapes and one CD, and have had an uncountable number of gigs.

They respect the Beatles, the Jam, Oasis, and other British rock bands. Some of their original songs can be downloaded from their unofficial website.

Where is their information?

They have two websites, the one by the member, the other one by their fan. You can get the latest gigs schedule from them.

(The following pages are written in Japanese.)

How to contact them?

If you reside in Japan, go to their gigs and enjoy with them.

If you live abroad, try to send them an e-mail. Their e-mail addresses are introduced at the sites above.

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Last updated: Jan 11, 1998.
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